Pablo NAVARRO Lab: Job opportunities & Funding


The Revive consortium ( employs next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and systems biology tools to investigate the fundamental gene regulatory processes governing the biology of stem cells. Revive is composed of 6 academic Partners (Institut Pasteur, INSERM, CNRS, INRA, UPMC-Paris VI, ENVA) representing 22 scientific and medical (Institut Cochin, Européen G. Pompidou and Pitié-Salpétrière Hospitals) research teams developing close interactions with selected biotech companies.

We invite applications for a:

Computational Scientist


Starting during January 2019, the appointment will be made initially for 18 months with the possibility of extension for 18 additional months.

We are looking for a computational scientist with a strong interest in next generation sequence (NGS) analysis, statistics, and integration of Omics data.

Expertise in working with NGS data as well as statistical and programming skills would be advantageous. The successful candidate should be strongly motivated, highly collaborative and have excellent communication skills in English.

The candidate will join the Navarro lab ( to work in the framework of a recently awarded Consolidator ERC. The successful candidate will also work with several other teams of Revive ( The work involves the analysis and integration of Omics data, biological interpretation of such data and development of mathematical models for stem cells and developmental biology.

We offer a challenging and rewarding position as part of an interdisciplinary consortium working on stem cells, developmental biology and personalized medicine, with a competitive salary and excellent working conditions, in the dynamic city of Paris. Specific training with a highly experienced computational scientist will also be provided.

Applications should be submitted to and include a detailed CV, a brief description of previous research experience and interests (1 page), publications list, plus the contact details of at least two referees.

FUNDING (projects):

  1. Institut Pasteur (starting package)
  2. REVIVE Labex - Investissements d'Avenir (starting package)
  3. CNRS (recurrent funding)
  4. FSER 2016 laureate (2 years grant)
  5. Institut Pasteur Citech (1 year internal grant - Philippe Clerc)
  6. REVIVE collaborative grant 2016 (3 years grant with M. Gerard, CEA)
  7. ANR JCJC 2016 (3 years grant)
  8. ARC consolidator project 2016 (2 years grant)
  9. LNCC labelisation 2017 (5 years grant)
  10. ERC consolidator 2017 (5 years grant)

FUNDING (people):

  1. EMBO & Marie-Cuire IEF (Post-Doc Fellowship - Nicola Festuccia)
  2. Pasteur Cantarini (Post-Doc Fellowship - Nicola Festuccia)
  3. REVIVE post-doc call (Post-Doc Fellowship - Inma Gonzalez)
  4. ARC (PhD funding - Victor Heurtier)
  5. REVIVE PhD call (PhD funding - Victor Heurtier)
  6. DIM-Biothérapies (PhD funding - Alexandra Tachtsidi)
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