Pablo NAVARRO Lab: Job opportunities & Funding


We are starting an ambitious research project thanks to an ERC Consolidator grant that will start in September 2018. The project focuses on gene regulatory aspects of stem cells and during early mouse development, through the perspective of mitosis.

We are seeking several PostDocs with a strong expertise in the folowing areas:
1/ Chromatin biology (ideally with previous experience with NGS)
2/ Cell biology (ideally regarding mitosis)
3/ Computational biology (ideally with strong background in statistics)

You can contact us here.

FUNDING (projects):

  1. Institut Pasteur (starting package)
  2. REVIVE Labex - Investissements d'Avenir (starting package)
  3. CNRS (recurrent funding)
  4. FSER 2016 laureate (2 years grant)
  5. Institut Pasteur Citech (1 year internal grant - Philippe Clerc)
  6. REVIVE collaborative grant 2016 (3 years grant with M. Gerard, CEA)
  7. ANR JCJC 2016 (3 years grant)
  8. ARC consolidator project 2016 (2 years grant)
  9. LNCC labelisation 2017 (5 years grant)
  10. ERC consolidator 2017 (5 years grant)

FUNDING (people):

  1. EMBO & Marie-Cuire IEF (Post-Doc Fellowship - Nicola Festuccia)
  2. Pasteur Cantarini (Post-Doc Fellowship - Nicola Festuccia)
  3. REVIVE post-doc call (Post-Doc Fellowship - Inma Gonzalez)
  4. ARC (PhD funding - Victor Heurtier)
  5. REVIVE PhD call (PhD funding - Victor Heurtier)
  6. DIM-Biothérapies (PhD funding - Alexandra Tachtsidi)
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